JP Solar | Environmental Entrepreneurship

Its true that some where we all had to take initiative so save our mother nature. with the mindset two odd people thought of joining hands to start something which they deeply believe will take them ahead to their dreams.focus was always how we can “change the life of our people”.

A food Tech graduate & an IT graduate gelled and create JP Solar ( In past both had sacrificed their jobs to make an #StartUp story.

Many think what is this JP, its very simple which is one of our basic principle to keep things crisp and simple for our customers, “Just Power” was the actual idea behind this.

Now we are on our voyage and will seek more adventures on our way. We might change the rule of the game. it is a small step right now and to reach that level need lots of investment and resources which will gradually come for people having patience.

Let’s make an unforgettable Tale of Environmental Entrepreneurship.