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Risk of Low Entry Barriers in Solar Energy Buisness

When some one asked us, Aap ka project bahut mehnga hai aur waha to kafi kam paise mein hai. We always took this in great respect for every customer who looks for the best deal and off course as individuals we do similar behavior.

Now i can understand the feel when an Insurance Policy seller in India try to convince a person that Insurance Policy is solely not meant for investment as it provides Life Risk cover too but we don’t think beyond gaining the short term benefits. For the sake of targets, Insurance seller don’t argue much and get the best option suited to your criteria.

Our decentralized domestic Solar Industry is very same, we also see monetary short term benefits like Heavy Discounts or Low cost products for a High life expectancy material which generally misquoted as 25 Years as warranty while in real its performance warranty with a dip after 10 Years.

Having low entry level barriers in Domestic Solar Industry had given very attractive opportunity for self employed as well generating employment in Renewable energy field but that also created a very low benchmark of quality in terms of deliverable as well products.

When Customer opted for inexperienced system integrator or re-seller to get Solar Power Plant installed they made compromises with the quality for two reasons, first they see Solar as like Inverters & batteries which need neighborhood electricians, who in turns take benefit by selling low quality and some time low technology products at higher price and secondly, lack of awareness on products and solutions among customers, which again an ironic position when seller and customer both are less knowledge on a technology or product.

One thing which we all should remember that “Cost of poor Quality ” is always high although upfront it seems lesser. When it creates a pain, it cost double what you spend initially.

We here at JP Solar always focus on consultative approach even for small domestic customer, we make them aware about the trends and technology and we leave them aware in Market to compare so they can opt out best for them, even if they opt for low quality they do it knowingly.

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Price & Power – A Indian Consumer Perspective

Renewable energy being the most environment friendly is evaluated through cost factor here in India. Cost of life is less than a cost of healthy future.

Whether you call it capability to spend less or lack of education or awareness, we Indians don’t believe in living for future.

As a growing economy we had become one of the biggest consumer market of world and by the end of this decade we will go much higher on demand.

Ironically, we Indians want to know what their for us in future, whether we get glory, money, success etc. but what we know about future we don’t even give a moment to think about that. Adopting renewable now will help the future generation which is not beyond the next one.

The way nature has been harnessed by human kind is very painful and we all are witnessing the impact.

We are fond of free goodies so marketers knowingly throw offers and discount in a market where customer is very price sensitive, that is why Chinese products are so popular here in India. Even after so “Ho Halla” of “No to Chinese Goods” we are still surrounded in every day of our life with such goods.

If consume behavior is a tough subject than we assure that understanding Indian consumer behavior is tougher, degree of toughness folded many times when it comes to buying for future.

India government being more promising since 2014 on adoption of renewable energy on centralized as well decentralized models, still the way to go is too far but achievement seems possible on centralized solar Installations targets while for decentralized Solar plants still people waiting for more subsidies equivalent to free installation from government.

While going on the freeway of renewable energy we all had realized that other methods or sources are not been so promising like Solar Power.  What we understand the primary reason for same is “ease”, this ease can be in terms of availability, understanding, adoption, awareness and efficiency. That is why the entry barriers for Solar Business are very low as compare to Windmill, Biomass, tidal etc.

Hope the scenario will change with more adoption going forward on renewable energy sources for our daily life.

We should be ready to adopt the best practices from corner of the world and thinking this as Investment in future of our Own Kind.

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JP Solar | Environmental Entrepreneurship

Its true that some where we all had to take initiative so save our mother nature. with the mindset two odd people thought of joining hands to start something which they deeply believe will take them ahead to their dreams.focus was always how we can “change the life of our people”.

A food Tech graduate & an IT graduate gelled and create JP Solar ( In past both had sacrificed their jobs to make an #StartUp story.

Many think what is this JP, its very simple which is one of our basic principle to keep things crisp and simple for our customers, “Just Power” was the actual idea behind this.

Now we are on our voyage and will seek more adventures on our way. We might change the rule of the game. it is a small step right now and to reach that level need lots of investment and resources which will gradually come for people having patience.

Let’s make an unforgettable Tale of Environmental Entrepreneurship.